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Police litter scam near Sukhumvit Soi 15

There is a person in police uniform sitting at the intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 15 (might be 17, not sure… I’m not walking on that side of the street again). A few hours ago I absentmindedly tossed a cigarette into the gutter when I walked by…. was day-dreaming and heading back to my hotel. A ‘police’ man took my arm and told me it is illegal to litter in BKK. I followed him down the street to another ‘police’ man sitting at a table. Anyway, I had to pay a fine and didn’t have but a few baht on me, so I had to hit the ATM which happened to be across the sidewalk from the ‘police’ officer siting at the table. I hit the ATM and paid the fine. A long story a little less long…. It’s an ATM scam. My bank stopped action on the card because they suspected fraud, which is what happened. They got the number and started withdrawing cash. I lost about $400 US. BKK… Watch out.

No other charges scam at Patpong! Beware!

Wanted to watch ping pong show, everyone who’s been to Thailand seems to be talking about it. so we went to patpong! at first they will tell you, no entrance fee, check it out if you want. this was the pink pussy (by name itself, you can’t trust it) . if you want to watch pay 100 baht no other charges. so we did check it out, and when you get inside, music is too loud, women on stage are either naked or with a bikini. i was with my 2 guy friends and another girl friend. so the scammer and the lady manager (ugly fat woman) explained to my guy friends, 100 baht entrance fee if we want to watch and another 100 baht for 1 drink. i thought well this people have to make a living so i don’t mind paying for 200 baht. so we said ok. so they started one scene where the girl picks up this circles and put on the bottle. the drinks were served and we started to gulp on our beer and coca cola,the lady manager ugly as she is, showed us our bill of 2000 baht. meaning 500 baht for each person. from the 200 baht that was agreed it suddenly became 500. and her breakdown was 100 baht entrance, 200 baht for the 1 bottle of drink and 200 baht for the show. so we argued her and said we are not paying 2000 baht. she was mad as hell and we were mad too. so we just put 800 baht on the table for the 4 of us for that single scene with the bottle and the round things and stood up and left. and the ugly lady was like “get out! get out! ” and i said “ok, and we will formally make a complaint against you” and she got even madder and uglier (i don’t want to call her ugly but because of what she did i think she deserves the title) and said fuck you to us and i politely said “fuck you too!” LOL! and left.

Honestly i would not have mind the cost if they were honest at the beginning. i understand what they do is very degrading and comes with a price but scamming people makes them become more degraded. i felt bad for being conned and i felt bad for those “vagina artists” too. But its not right to con tourists and say no other charges when in fact they make too many charges. they should just say 500 baht! take it or leave it! and i would have been happier to part with my 500 baht. so guys stay away from THE PINK PUSSY bar in Patpong! the ugly witch will just fool you and the women there are not good looking! before we left the bar, there was this asian couple who came and they got surrounded by the showgirls and it made us wonder, how much were they charged?!

i guess you have to be Rihanna so that Thai authorities will arrest some people!

Thai bank/personal check scam

I know of at least three major Thai banks that hold your money waiting for the Thai baht exchange rate to improve before depositing the money in your account, This has been going on for at least 20 years. It works like this, recently I took a $20k personal check to Kasikorn bank. I was told as always “this will take up to 45 days to process”. This is a lie of course as the check clears the bank in the foreign country in 10-14 days, sometimes only a week. When the money is deposited in the Thai bank, the rate was 32 to 1 USD. Kasicorn kept the money another month until the rate suddenly dropped to 31 to 1 USD, and deposited the funds at that rate in my account, scamming me out of 20,000 baht!!

Some Notes on Scams

Previously I was walking back to the ferry pier from the Grand Palace. I was told by a helpful local that the ferry wasn’t running as one had sank that morning. Presumably, a tuk tuk would have magically appeared if I had believed this. I just continued and said I would just go see if it was running.

More recently, I was approached by another helpful local at the exit from the MRT near a shopping centre. She said she was a teacher on her day off and offered to help us with our shopping plans. We graciously declined and said we already had plans. The next day we were in a coffee shop in the same area, only to spot her again.

Taxi-Tuk Tuk to Restaurant Scam

On Silom road soi 9, there is a poor-decorated restaurant scamming tourist around the silom-patpong area. Taxi-tuktuk drivers bring those tourists to here a lot everyday and receiving their back margin. Not sure if there is any other scams like crazy high tip or crazy charge to take the tourist back as many times i could see the tourists had to walked back their hotel after some arguement and this soi is quite deep and difficult to get out. Sorry for my English, teacher Richard. : ) p.s. location is here.. oh can see the scamming from Google Map street view

The Bird Food Scam


Whenever you go to a new country for a holiday, you always need to have your wits around you or you might fall for a scam. In places like Thailand this is very difficult as Thais are naturally very hospitable. Numerous times I’ve had complete strangers go out of their way to help me or buy me meals. I always feel bad about turning them down, but really you should heed your parents advice to you when you were a toddler: “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!” The scam I will tell you about today is called the “Bird Food Scam” and takes place in front of the Grand Palace and right in front of the Tourist Police. It comes under the category of being forced to pay for something that you didn’t order or ask for.


The way this scam works is that someone will come up to the tourist with a bag of bird food. In this case it is bird seed. He scatters some on the ground and then gives the tourist the already opened bag. He does this quite forcefully by grabbing their hand.


Of course, the tourist is quite perplexed as he doesn’t really understand what is going on. So, the man scatters some more bird seed on the ground to demonstrate. He then puts the bag back in the hand of the unsuspecting tourist. By this time he is a bit bemused and decides to play along with this somewhat crazy man.


He is then given another bag of bird seed and told to throw it to the birds. And then again with a third bag. The tourist is clearly confused but does as he is told. Once all the seed has gone he then walks away. The man then chases after him and demands that he pays 300 Baht. That is 100 Baht per bag! Not bad for 3 minutes work.


Only a few minutes later this man had his sights on another unsuspecting tourist. The scam starts the same way of throwing bird seed onto the ground. He then puts the bag in the tourist’s hand and tells him to do the same.


Like the previous tourist, he is confused and so the man has to demonstrate again.


The man puts the bag of bird seed back in the tourist’s hand and tells him to throw it on the ground. Confused, the tourist does as he is told. Two more bags are passed to him and he is told again to throw the bird seed on the ground.


Then comes the punchline. The man demands that the tourist now pays him 300 Baht. The tourist at first refuses as he didn’t understand what was going on. But the man starts to get aggressive and demands that he pays him straight away. Finally the tourist capitulates and gives him the money.


Some people may say that this is the tourist’s fault for being so naive. But it is really extortion and this should be reported to the police. Unfortunately, I tried this but the Tourist Police were not interested. They knew it was going on but they chose to turn a blind eye. I will write more about my frustrations with the Tourist Police over on my blog soon.