No other charges scam at Patpong! Beware!

Wanted to watch ping pong show, everyone who’s been to Thailand seems to be talking about it. so we went to patpong! at first they will tell you, no entrance fee, check it out if you want. this was the pink pussy (by name itself, you can’t trust it) . if you want to watch pay 100 baht no other charges. so we did check it out, and when you get inside, music is too loud, women on stage are either naked or with a bikini. i was with my 2 guy friends and another girl friend. so the scammer and the lady manager (ugly fat woman) explained to my guy friends, 100 baht entrance fee if we want to watch and another 100 baht for 1 drink. i thought well this people have to make a living so i don’t mind paying for 200 baht. so we said ok. so they started one scene where the girl picks up this circles and put on the bottle. the drinks were served and we started to gulp on our beer and coca cola,the lady manager ugly as she is, showed us our bill of 2000 baht. meaning 500 baht for each person. from the 200 baht that was agreed it suddenly became 500. and her breakdown was 100 baht entrance, 200 baht for the 1 bottle of drink and 200 baht for the show. so we argued her and said we are not paying 2000 baht. she was mad as hell and we were mad too. so we just put 800 baht on the table for the 4 of us for that single scene with the bottle and the round things and stood up and left. and the ugly lady was like “get out! get out! ” and i said “ok, and we will formally make a complaint against you” and she got even madder and uglier (i don’t want to call her ugly but because of what she did i think she deserves the title) and said fuck you to us and i politely said “fuck you too!” LOL! and left.

Honestly i would not have mind the cost if they were honest at the beginning. i understand what they do is very degrading and comes with a price but scamming people makes them become more degraded. i felt bad for being conned and i felt bad for those “vagina artists” too. But its not right to con tourists and say no other charges when in fact they make too many charges. they should just say 500 baht! take it or leave it! and i would have been happier to part with my 500 baht. so guys stay away from THE PINK PUSSY bar in Patpong! the ugly witch will just fool you and the women there are not good looking! before we left the bar, there was this asian couple who came and they got surrounded by the showgirls and it made us wonder, how much were they charged?!

i guess you have to be Rihanna so that Thai authorities will arrest some people!

2 thoughts on “No other charges scam at Patpong! Beware!

  1. Buffalo Traffic

    Happened to me tonight. Dude took me in there and lady said I only had to pay 100 baht for a beer. Than she wanted me to buy her a drink. Other unnattractive people were trying to flirt so I figured I’d just pay 100 baht even though I’d only had one sip of beer. Ugly fat bitch said I owed 300 baht! I’m like what? I paid it and got the hell out but felt like a sucker. Places like that ruin it.


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