Police litter scam near Sukhumvit Soi 15

There is a person in police uniform sitting at the intersection of Sukhumvit Soi 15 (might be 17, not sure… I’m not walking on that side of the street again). A few hours ago I absentmindedly tossed a cigarette into the gutter when I walked by…. was day-dreaming and heading back to my hotel. A ‘police’ man took my arm and told me it is illegal to litter in BKK. I followed him down the street to another ‘police’ man sitting at a table. Anyway, I had to pay a fine and didn’t have but a few baht on me, so I had to hit the ATM which happened to be across the sidewalk from the ‘police’ officer siting at the table. I hit the ATM and paid the fine. A long story a little less long…. It’s an ATM scam. My bank stopped action on the card because they suspected fraud, which is what happened. They got the number and started withdrawing cash. I lost about $400 US. BKK… Watch out.

2 thoughts on “Police litter scam near Sukhumvit Soi 15

  1. Hitin

    Today me and my wife had a smoke outside MBK and watched 2 Russians having smoke on our right sitting towards the skyline next to 7eleven.

    I saw them throwing buds on the street and without realising I had the same intension.

    Then I noticed a wicked smile on their faces and saw a man in police uniform looking at us. I did as I thought and then realised I could be letting myself into a scam.

    I immediately picked up my buds and walked towards the trash bin.

    Soon the policeman and the Russians left.

    I am not sure if Russians were in on it or it was a coincidence. But at the end this post saved me and wife getting into trouble, also I learned that it doesn’t take much to use a trash bin.

    Thanks you for such post and I would recommend others to do some research before coming to Bangkok.


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