Taxi-Tuk Tuk to Restaurant Scam

On Silom road soi 9, there is a poor-decorated restaurant scamming tourist around the silom-patpong area. Taxi-tuktuk drivers bring those tourists to here a lot everyday and receiving their back margin. Not sure if there is any other scams like crazy high tip or crazy charge to take the tourist back as many times i could see the tourists had to walked back their hotel after some arguement and this soi is quite deep and difficult to get out. Sorry for my English, teacher Richard. : ) p.s. location is here.. oh can see the scamming from Google Map street view

4 thoughts on “Taxi-Tuk Tuk to Restaurant Scam

  1. Nathalie

    Before I kick off this comment I would like to say the following;
    Trust your intuïtion and don’t let too friendly helpful Thai people doubt your feeling. You are usually right and you know it.

    Clearly ripped off by the same restaurant as mentioned above (see streetview photo) in the patpong area. What a sneaky rip off this place is…! Recommended by the taxi driver of our five star hotel after we asked for a good place to eat (he appeared very helpful) he took us there for only 80 baht.

    We are always aware of these scams, but trusted the man as he works for our luxury hotel. How wrong we were.

    Restaurant (ripped table sheets, wobbly cheap chairs, NO english menu and no prices only fish per 100 gram in Baht).
    Shrimps overcooked and dry, seabrass not impressive and some watery vegetables with rice. Three non alcoholic drinks and a bill of almost 2500 Baht. Service charges 250 baht.

    Very unfriendly staff and definately DEFINATELY not worth that kind of money!

    Be aware that the taxi or tuk tuk driver drops you off in a dark side street with no other restaurants around. Which forces you to eat there. There is no menu, no prices and all questions are avoided. Suddenly they speak no good English and eventually present you with a bill which makes you want to slap them.

    A good Thai meal will cost you between 80 and 260 baht per person. We always enjoy a meal for about 800 baht for 2 persons, including drinks and usually a starter and/or desert.


  2. Never Thailand

    Thailand may have some attractions worth seeing but dealing with the sociopaths and psychopaths along the way clearly show that one would make a very bad choice to spend any time or energy there.
    Thank you to all the travelers who’ve taken the time to warn the rest of us about the widespread corruption of every person in Thailand.
    It’s good to know you can’t trust anyone from there.

  3. Chatrium

    Not everyone in Thailand is a scammer and a thief. I went there and had a very good time, not being scammed once. In fact I was only approached by two “The Temple is Closed” types. I slept on a train and lost nothing. Thailand is a beautiful and historic country and the presence of scammers and thieves in Bangkok and Phuket does not reflect upon the whole population, nor should it be any major factor in the decision to go there. I’m sorry if you’ve been scared by the stories on this site (I was too), but they are warnings rather than absolute proof that you shouldn’t go.


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