Top 10 Scams in Bangkok and Thailand


To help you be more street savvy on your next holiday in Thailand, we have decided to put together a top 10 of scams in Thailand. It is by no means definitive. If you have any scams that you would like to report, then please post them in the comments below.

1. The Grand Palace is Closed Scam – This scam can happen near any tourist attraction but still happens a lot outside the Grand Palace. As you approach, someone will tell you that the palace is closed for various reasons. Ignore them as you will end up in either a gem store or a tailor shop.

2. Thai Gem Scam – If you are not an expert on gems then I strongly urge you not to take the word of other people on how much money you can make if you sell these gems on return to your home country. People are losing a lot of money every day. Don’t make the mistake that you are different.

3. Wrong Change Scam – A common scam at places like 7-Eleven and Family Mart in tourist areas is to give you change as if you gave them a 500 baht note instead of a 1,000 baht note. Many tourists are not familiar with Thai money and often give the wrong money or don’t notice that their change is incorrect. Most shops will say out loud the denomination of any paper money you give them. Check your change!

4. Jet Ski Scam – Many people in Pattaya and Phuket are being scammed after renting jet skis. When you come back after your fun, they will point out scratches and dents in the jet ski and they will demand large sums of money. What they fail to mention is that a dozen other customers have already paid for those scratches. If you rent anything, be it motorcycle, car or jet ski, make sure all scratches and dents are documented.

5. Patpong Sex Show Scam – Don’t believe the touts outside who say free sex shows and drinks for only 100 baht each. You will end up paying a bill in the thousands. Stay clear if you are alone as they can turn violent if you refuse to pay.

6. Hualamphong Scam – Outside the train station you will meet official looking people who will say they will help you book the seats. They take you to their nearby travel agent and pretend to ring the train booking office. They then say the train is full and your only way to travel is on one of their buses.

7. Long Distance Bus Scam – Many people have had things stolen from their bags on overnight bus trips. Some have even reported they were drugged and found their money missing when they woke up.

8. Airport Taxi Scam – Official looking touts will pretend that they are meter taxis and tell you that it is 500-1000 baht to go into town. The meter taxi outside is less than half this. The police have tried to crack down on them but they are back. Ignore anyone who asks if you want a taxi. The real taxi drivers are waiting outside by their cars.

9. Blackjack Scam – This usually starts when someone asks you where you are from. If you say, New York, then he will say he has a sister who will be going to study there. He then asks if you can go and meet her as she has some questions. At their house, you somehow end up playing blackjack with them. They then ask you to help cheat someone out of their money. Don’t get tempted as it is you who is being scammed.

10. My Girlfriend is Pregnant Scam – A popular scams these days is your long distance girlfriend writing to you to say she is pregnant with your baby. She either asks for help to pay for the aboriton or for money to raise the baby. What she doesn’t tell you is that she has already written to five other foreigners telling them that they are the father too. The latest gimmick is some medicine circulating in Isaan that swells their belly to make them look pregnant in case you fly in to visit them. The only way to know for sure is to go with them to the doctors to get an ultrasound.

Please remember, most scammers are successful because they play on the greed of their victims. If something is too good to be true then it probably is. As kind as Thai people are, they are also very shy. If you are approached by a well spoken Thai person on the street then the chances are high that this person is a scammer. Thai people are not normally so forward. However, please give them the benefit of the doubt unless, of course, if they give you the codeword “Big Buddha” or “Lucky Buddha”. This is then their admission of guilt. Finally, it is sad to report that there are now foreigners praying on helpless tourists. So, be weary of any unsolicited help.

64 thoughts on “Top 10 Scams in Bangkok and Thailand

  1. Bangkok resident

    scam nr.4 isn’t a BKK scam, nr5 is bullshit and only happens to people who want to be scammed.
    I live over 12 years in BKK and have never been in such a situation, and I roam the streets on a daily bases…

    1. indonesian

      Yes it’s true. It just happened to me a few hours ago in patpong. I PAID FOR 2000 BAHT FOR VERY BAD SHOW.
      Im very dissapointed for what happened.
      for anyone who has any plan to BKK, please think twice

    2. Tourist Feb 2016

      Nr 5.: No Bullshit, go to the upstairs Pingpong Show in Patpong and try to get out healthy if you are alone in there! An then please send me some pictures of your sores and scratches 😉

      kind regards

  2. stanley

    Thai’s hate westerners with a passion…FACT!..what do most people go there and do? Get wasted,blow money,use prostitutes,peodophiles…so on ….They will do anything/everything to part you from your cash..including murder..DO NOT GO THERE…DO NOT BELIEVE THE HEDONISTIC BULLSHIT,IT DOES NOT EXIST..And when something does happen and you to to the police,what happens? NOTHING.anyone who has tell me that what I’m warning people about isn’t true and I’ll listen,gladly.

    1. farang

      You absolutely right !
      I leave Thailand after 6 years. Thais are just robbers and they jealously HATE farangs.
      Just an example : My owner just disappears after 2 years of rent contract that I always paid on the day, just to avoid give me back my 2 months deposit (68 000 b) !
      But You have to understand that they are also dangerous and can KILL for money.
      Just BOYCOTT Thailand.
      They are many other places with sun and bitches !

      1. Semi Pro

        Many Thai get into bad habit of taking the easy/non-ethnical/cheating way out.

        I have two ladies at the market where I am a semi-regular customer, cheated me out of 5 baht and 10 baht respectively.

        It was so obvious and yes they knew exactly what they were doing. Not buying from these two any more.

  3. Vivi

    Also in Phuket at karon beach, the Seven eleven workers, don’t give you a receit, and add 50-100thb every customers total sum. And funniest in here is, that if you want to contact tourist police, guess where you can do it? In seven eleven 🙂 seven eleven workers in karon are helping the tourist police.

    1. ExPat

      You need to demand a receipt and not give in to their demands when the cashier tacks on that 50-100Thb above the actual cost of your purchase. Yes, I agree that many tourist police are corrupted as many other Thai Government workers are.

  4. Rsp

    i been scam before in thailand bangkok…
    5. Patpong Sex Show Scam
    -tht guy say :Free Show not need to pay but end up pay for 60,000 baht..but No choice!!!
    *First lady show 5000baht
    *Lady Drink 5000baht
    *Heineken 15000baht for 1 jar…
    *Lady Dance 5000baht
    *bla bla bla
    And also Be careful when tuktuk driver or someone show naked girl picture…
    Please Do Not Follow, Once you follow it may cost you thousand Dollar…
    If you don’t have enough money, I have no idea what will happens..

    8. Taxi Scam
    *Some taxi driver don’t even switch on the meter just say the price and the price will be more that normal fare maybe double or triple or even more…

  5. Sukhumvit Scam

    Another scam to be wary about is the katoey’s (lady boys). They roam the streets looking for tourists with either bulging wallets or gold chains. They give you a hug and ask to be taken to your room; while all the time removing your gold chain and wallet. They are quick & effortless and before you know it you are relieved of your valuables. They work in pairs or 3’s and the other either flash you or hold your hand on their breasts. Lost my gold chain in about 12 seconds flat!

  6. Tiger@lawyer


    GOOD LUCK..!

  7. glenn haffner

    how about the thai seafood scam from taxi drivers?-Never ask a taxi driver late at night for him to recommend a good restaurant to go to. Taxi drivers will often take you to a seafood restaurant on phaya thai in the middle of nowhere, that inflates the prices of the food by a measure that is off the radar screen. The billing comes up as SD SEAFOOD on your credit card bill. You have been warned. Eat street food late at night, do not ask taxi drivers a damn thing, they are IN with the restaurant. GOT IT??

  8. Masha B

    New scam! You walk down street and nice Thai man starts talking to you, very nice, shows you on map good temples to go to and says today is holiday! All tuk tuk are only 20 baht for two people, suddenly tuk tuk appears and man is nice and you get in… you go to all the great temples in Bangkok ( Black Buddha, is it even real?) you go to one temple, then go to second one (black Buddha) and man there asks how you find this temple since only locals know. Then he talks your ear off for ten minutes about history about Blck Buddha, how best tailors are in Bangkok and about Color Gem store being the best and how much money you can make by reselling jewelry you buy now in a few years. He pretends to not know your driver. Then next stop, driver takes you to factory.. A thai tailor shop. You get a good deal but who knows if the suit will be good.. Then tuk tuk driver takes you to Color Gem.. Basically tuk tuk is getting a cut out of every place you go and spend money, but he says since its special holiday, he gets free gas tickets from these businesses for driving you around. Be careful. They are so good at lying! They keep trying to take you anywhere they can to get you to spend money, but say it’s just for their free gas cards.. They will show you a card in their wallet that says Free Gas Today! But the card is old and you can tell it’s been in the wallet for years! It’s not real. And black Buddha story is a scam.

  9. Cathrine

    I wish I had read this before going sightseeing in Bankok. We just experienced scam number 1 outside the grand palace. The tourist police said the palace was closed because of Buddhist prayer until midday, but recommended to visit to a couple of temples he highlighted on the map and afterwards the export center. We got into a tuk tuk outside the palace, and the driver confirmed the information. At the Big Budha temple we met a “random tourist” from Singapore who confirmed the information. Afterwards followed by a trip to a gem stone center and a tailor shop. And we were foolish enough to buy. Can’t believe we fell for this. Just want to warn others because the scams are well coordinated

    1. m

      Hey, i just fell into the tailor shop scam and bought a suit for 6000 bhat. I wanted to pick it up there later, could you please tell me what I will expect? Will it not fit? Will there be any suit?

  10. Al

    Many scams in Thailand. I’ve been here for many years now and see everyday tourist getting scammed.
    Best advice I can give is to use common sense. Keep your valuables safe and never hand over your passport for bike hire etc.
    Also the ATM scams are usually done at non bank atms i always try to use an ATM inside a bank branch with good camera coverage.
    I rarely take a tuk tuk but if I do I have a specific destination and agree a price before we go.

    Bangkok has lots to offer the tourist, its a great city. Sadly can be spoiled by the scammers who see westerners as $$$$$$


    There is good and bad everywhere—treat people with respect, you in turn will be treated with respect.-Easier said than done, but the people of Bangkok are great. Key point, go find the great people and stop complaining.

  12. theguest

    There are so many SCAMS in Thailand, I wouldn’t know where to start. The ones shown on this website, are but a few.

    If foreigners knew the ‘real’ truth about Thailand they would totally avoid it !

    I have lived in Thailand for over 20 years, so I have been subjected to first hand experience of SCAMS, and the Thai system.

  13. Aleah |

    I personally know someone who became a victim of a pregnancy scam. He got picked up by a Thai prostitute and they were together for a week or so, then she later told him she was pregnant with his baby. He sent money for 2 years! He even wanted to bring her to his country to marry her. Good thing the Belgian embassy was aware of this and asked for a paternity test. The baby wasn’t his after all. Who knows how many men she’d asked for money? Or maybe the Belgian was just particularly stupid? I mean, why wouldn’t you use protection if you’re doing it with prostitutes??

  14. Osazah

    I ve been scammed today with my husband twice. My advice for Bangkok tourists is to ignore all Thais who approach them first and follow the plan of the trip. I already hate it here in Thailand.

  15. Michael Hill

    In two different Big C stores, though I had handed over a 1,000 baht note, I was given change for a 500 baht note. Each time when I complained I was given the rest of my change without a murmur. This was a clear attempt at theft.

  16. Jens

    Many things happened to us during our stay in Bangkok, most of them did not work, as I’m generally very doubtful. But they are perfect and one of it worked, but we avoided the worst things that could happen, to loose all the money and to loose your freedom of travelling. So we were brought by Tuk Tuk (20 bath, first ride, so we didn’t know the prices) to the travel agency Tiger Travel Group, We were looking for a flight to the south, because we wanted to go Koh PhiPhi and unfortunately told them, that we want to go to Koh Phangan for the FullMoon Party a week later. They booked us a taxi transfer, a flight to Krabi, a transfer to the port and the ferry, further a bungalow on Phangan with AC, fortunately I’m blocking, when people try to force me to do something, they tried to plan and book our complete stay. So we just booked these things, about 50 % more than usual, a loss about 100 Eur/person. But we kept our freedom to decide, how long we want to stay on PhiPhi island and where to go after the Full Moon Party. The bungalow in Phangan was very nice, but at first they tried to give us a Fan Bungalow far from the beach. After long discussions and some threats from us, we were 2 guys, 2 m tall and 100 kg weight, they decided to let us have the beach front bungalow we booked. But all the other things we booked worked well, the transfers were on time and the tickets were valid, but the price was too high.

    The second scam which nearly worked was a guy who came to us north of Sanam Luang park close to the KSR.
    He told us he was a teacher and came to Bangkok to see his family. He was praying at a monument nearby and asked us, what we are looking for, because we stopped to look around where to go and what to do. (Our tipp, NEVER stop walking!) He was talking to us about 5 minutes, just talking about his Family and Thailand and how we dicided to come to Bangkok, it felt very familiar, then we told him, that we are looking for a boat trip to see the klongs. He was warning us to go to the river near the KSR and he knew about some cheaper provider a few minutes to drive to the south. Then a TukTuk came across by chance… we thought. He brought us to a smal dock near the Wat Pho. 240 Chakphet Rd, Bangkok, they were really forcing us to do the trip, it was about 50 €/person, they went down later to 40 Eur and after we left to 25 Eur, but we noticed that this price is also very expensive, so we and felt very unsafe in this area.
    Then we left by foot, because the TukTuk was gone. But we met him again after ¼ mile, the ride to the Wat Pho costs about 100 bath then, 5 times more than the ride to the boat trip provider, for half of the distance, we knew, we just avoided another scam…
    But we also knew we would have to avoid hundrets more.

    Make fun of it, or maybe it will become the best drinking game in the world! Have a shot when revealing a scam!

  17. kiwi tourist

    Yes same story as catherine. We got off the boat at about no 10 pier maharaj. Man stops us to say he is from the tourist police and to keep bag close for safety. Draws on our map 2 temple location happy buddah and the big buddah. He had been sitting at s & p restuarant waiting for a sucker to target. The man had a police badge and there was photo id inside as well. Not sure if it is real id.He calls a tuk tuk and negotiates a good deal. He then walks off and tuktuk drives off. Tuktuk driver does not speak english.
    We get to a temple and walk around. Then go to next temple where man with a photo id around his neck approaches us. He talks about jewellery export shop. He is full of it. Said he is a cancer survivor.
    Off we go to to the jewellery shop. Told we get a good discount. To get ring resized it takes a few hours so pay and return after seeing the palace. Jewellery shop is called first jewellery. Outside the door is a sign that said export centre.beware it is not real jewellery only fake. You are given a certificate as well to go with the items. The tuktuk we went on hangs about on the road down the lane from where and boat pier and his registration plate number is yellow plate with 2 charcters but number 778. Seat is green and purple and green. sides of tuktuk are green. Beware there are many players in the scam. We did not know about it until we checked on the internet later and had been done for $3500nz.
    We went back the next day and found the players there still so butted into every conversation they had with tourists and scared them away. Still had my kidneys and wallet but hubby though it might have gone bad. Please warn others of this scam and dont be shy in educating tourists if you recognise any of these signs. Have taken photos of the players. Feel free to take photos of policeman and his baxge then post it to the site.

  18. Harman

    BKK is the worst place in the world to visit. I have visited BKK twice. Every corner of BKK you are vulnerable of being scammed. It starts the moment you land in the airport-
    1.The taxi scam
    2. Then the hotel guys in the concierge recommend to take the taxis waiting outside the hotel, who will never run the meter.
    3. The hotel staff will casually ask what’s the plan for today. If you tell him that you have plans to visit Safari World or any other place( GEMS Shop), then he will suggest I know a tour operator who can book tickets at a cheaper price. Actually he will be expecting commission from this. He will also say my taxi driver will take you there and bring you back to the hotel for free. Both the taxi driver & the hotel guys get commission including fuel.
    4. If there is an extra fee in the zoo or any park, then in all probability the guide would say, that section is closed for maintenance and pocket that money given to him/her by his/her tour operating company.

    5. Then I was scammed in Chatuchak market. An Arab family ( A man, woman and a small boy ) will come and distract you and your family by saying about your country and telling you that they will be visiting your country very soon . All three of them will keep your companion or your family busy by asking various questions in short bursts , so that you are confused. Usually the male will tackle the male and the female will tackle the female. Then he will ask to show your countries currency and the moment you show them , they flash you and they disappear. I lost 8000 bhats and when I went to police next day, they made me to go from one police station to the other and finally my complaint was registered and I was told that I was the third one to be duped on that day in Chatuchak by the Arab gang.

    So please be careful and avoid going Chatuchak.
    Warning : Please do not take Chidren.
    This is even more dangerous. Generally in Chatuchak the police keep anouncing in Thai language, which as foreigner, we will not be able to understand. On the day of my visit, a couple had lost a 04 year old girl child and the mother of the child was announcing on the mike, pleading for help. Imagine the plight of the mother who has lost the child in an alien nation.

    So please avoid Thailand in all probability and be safe!!

    There are many many better places in the world other than Thailand, which is Land of scams.

    1. MYMG

      No 5 happened with me. I was in Siam paragon mall, a father and son came to me and told me to take their photo. After photo they said they are from Brunei and asked us they want to visit my country India. And started the conversation and later it shifted to money and the father said he collects money and wanted to see my country currency and in few seconds with distraction From his son and him lost 3000 bhats. I only realised after they left when O counted the money.

  19. Never Scammed

    Been here 6 years.

    None of these have happened to me.

    This has as much to do with YOU, YOUR choices, and YOUR behavior as it does with the scammers.

    Good luck my friends!

  20. Callicallter

    You people are all retarded. Jesus, do you even know how to travel properly?
    Heaven forbid you do some research about a place before you go.

    I have been to bkk many times and I never have any issues. Do you just stop using your brains as soon as you travel? If you were in a city in the US, and some random dude just walked up to you and started talking about this awesome casino he started would you go there?

    Grow up and get some goddamn culture.

    1. Lloyd

      Finally the most sensible post , I work in the travel industry and cannot belive how dumb some people are , so dumb they don’t have Internet , I just want too challenge em to a game of chase the pea bring plenty money

    2. World Traveler

      I could not agree with you more. Educate your self and travel worse can happen to you in in your own city,hometown or village without some common sense!

  21. FirstTimeFarang

    Gotta agree with Catticalter. I’ve only been here a few days, but I’ve had 6 years in China. People don’t wander up to you because they want to help you. You think they just got out of bed and thought “I wonder how many clueless tourists I can help today?”

    A few short minutes on the internet will tell you everything you need to know about scams, the appropriate prices for anything you want to do or buy, which areas are safer than others and what time or day of the week that changes.

    Maybe we western people have it too easy. Seems like we all expect the world to be foam-padded for us.

  22. Phil

    New scam at PHAYA THAI train station exit ! :
    4/6 people team with 2 white desks. They call a taximeter for free. But the taximeter is modified, you’ll pay five time the normal price (ex: 480 B to Khasoan instead of 100 B).
    Note of take a photo of the licence number and call the Tourist Police : 1155 or Taxi police : 1584 (+ N° licence !)

  23. Phil

    Information from a local : Android application « GrabTaxi : Book a ride » from Grab Taxi Holdings. Allows to get a taxi, have Licence number automatically and to complain. But never have problems 🙂

  24. Tommy

    Almost got scammed today.

    Nice guy outside golden Buddha says hes a teacher and asks us where we are going and draws all over our map off places we should rather see first and hails a tuk tuk for us at just 30baht. He says boat is best and cheapest. So tuk tuk is to drop us off at boat pier last

    First stop is lucky Buddha? A man waves us over and says people are praying and we have to wait. Starts talking about friendly stuff and the wants us to go to gem shop and tailored suits. We say no thanks and leave. The man goes and talks to our tuk tuk driver.

    We know something is wrong and force him to drive us to the boat and not the gem shop. His english is horribel but ends up driving us to the boat.

    Some guy there wants us to take a long detour for 2000baht. Some floating marker and fish farm. He gets mad when we leave.

    Get the tuk tuk to drive us to grand palace for 200 baht. No funny stuff this time.

    Cant trust anyone you meet

  25. Mike

    Another thing to be wary of

    I fuelled up at Bangchak petrol station near Krabi airport. I paid 900 baht credit card and drove a meter before realizing my indicator is still showing empty tank. I reverse back then the boy looks surprised and fills up my petrol. It cost only 800 baht and they give me the change. Remember
    1) check your fuel gage after filling up
    2) check to see if the fuel is actually flowing (I did this the second time)

    They couldn’t speak English (or at least they didn’t say anything Iin english) when I questioned them what happened. So I’m not sure if this is a scam or a genuine mistake but I didn’t have enough time to sort it out with the police!

  26. Stan

    Well needless to say me and my wife fell into a scam today. It was the Grand palace is shit down scam. Let me tell you they are so good and you can be so naive. So relaxed enjoying your vacation you won’t even realize it.

    After I got back to my hotel and realized it was a scam. I stopped trusting anyone here including Bangkok police.

    That might as well call this Scamkok


  27. John Boy

    I have to agree with Calicallter, Thailand is simply like any other country in the world. If you are stupid and greedy and carless you will get scammed. The way to prevent it is to use some common sense, if it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Agree taxi and tuk tuk fares before getting in, or insist on metered fares, keep wallet or money in secure pockets, check the change you receive etc etc, pretty standard behaviour anywhere to be honest – and I’m afraid I just can’t really understand why a traveller would spend thousands of dollars on gems …

    Thais are actually very friendly, warm people if you don’t spend all your time in sex shows or overhyped tourist traps – enjoy the place, its actually a beautiful country.

  28. Elnet1

    I agree with callicallter, these scams are perpertrated in tourist areas around the world. Common sense, having a plan, don’t talk to touts or “guides” and research keep you out of trouble.

    I witnessed the jetski scam in pattaya.

    Also if you barfine a bargirl (take her with you) they seem to be in on a lot of scams. We walked by the ping pong show, the bargirl wanted to go “see” it and tried to pull me in there. Also sitting on the beach a persistent vendorn kept trying to sell junk and again the bargirl took the vendor’s side. I just kept telling the vendor come back in 30 minutes after 5 times he gave up.

    I came from a previous article and he recommended to not use tuk tuk. Been to thailand 20x and I always use them. Just make it clear about where you are going and you don’t have time for “shopping” and agree on price first.

    I was scammed by a taxi at the hotel I was staying at, told him I didnt have time for shopping, he took me around the same block 2 times. I got out paid the fee on the meter. The next day at the hotel he was sitting outfront, smiling, taxi? No thanks! Found one around the corner.

    But two I haven’t seen posted here:

    When buying a drink in a bar, I ask the price, if a bargirl asks you to buy her a drink MAKE sure that you ask the price as bargirl drinks (usually sugar water) are much more expensive. I also ask the price after each round of drinks so they there is no doubt.

    Also, I was at the beach and a vendor came by with fried chicken and packets of rice. I ask the price 35 baht. 2 hours later, I am hungry because they were thai (small) size. I order same chicken rice, this time its 65 baht! Yeah not a big deal as much as its a lesson to never forget to ask the price.

    Don’t be afraid to walk away. I noticed a bbq vendor and asked the price for 1piece, she said 30 ba..noticed I was a westerner and said 200 baht, no thank you. Walked up the street, bbq chicken, whole 99 baht. I walked back to where the first vendor was eating my feast!

  29. Elnet1

    One way of getting scammers to quit talking to you is pretend you don’t understand them or pretend you are deaf, this is a lot of fun. What? Huh? Speak up! I don’t understand, I’m russian, do you speak texan? And as you walk away, have a nice day! Lol

  30. Andrew

    James’ fashion is a scam. Young working professional who speaks very good English will approach you, send you to the ‘best tailor’ in Bangkok for 40baht with a tuktuk. Once in the store they show you cashmere suits but they are ultimately nothing like the material they show you. Ended up losing 30000baht for 2 terrible suits. These guys are professional fraudsters. Shame on me for my stupidity.

  31. Denis

    I got took to a gem factory with the free gas scam
    Had a look round had a few free drinks and bought fuck all
    Sometimes it’s good to be a tight Yorkshire man

  32. dave

    Have not seen the litter scam, esp around lower sukhumvit and MKK shopping center. Officer will approach you and claim to be Police and wants to fine you 2000 baht for littering but will let you off for less. They are not Police but cleansing officials, but have a silly uniform that looks like the cops. Even if you have not dropped anything they will still try it on and threaten to take you to the station if you do not pay. Do not pay they will not be taking you to the station and for a first offence they are meant to give a warning anyway. They never target Thais of course, or people who look like they have been here a long time.

  33. John Hagen

    I must warn everyone about a massage shop in Patong by the name of Tantawan Massage & Beauty.
    I have visiting Thailand for a while now and thought I was up to speed with all the scams.
    I met a girl who worked in the massage shop and started dating her after knowing her for about 6 months.
    Nice and slow you would think.
    Her name is Jinnaree Kongsin, Em is her nickname.
    We dated for a few months then got engaged.
    Not long afterwards I found out she was engaged to another man and we were both paying all her expenses.
    I approached the shop owner and asked why didn’t she tell me Em was engaged as I thought we were friends.
    The answer I received was , ” Yes we lied to you, so what ! ”
    So even if you are careful and take things slowly they will still find a way.
    They have about 10 girls working in this shop and over the months they all helped to keep the scam going.
    It’s such a shame that they have to lie and cheat us this way.
    The shop is at Soi Patong Tower.
    Tantawan Massage & Beauty.
    Please be careful.

  34. chloem

    You guys are retarded. If you had some street-smarts, you would not get scammed. If you don’t like BKK or Thailand, then jog on.

  35. R Wild

    The one thing that annoys me the most in Thailand is the duel price structure for Thai locals and Foreigners. I wanted to get a hair cut my wife (who is Thai) walked into the store and asked for a cut for me and they said 100 Baht, I walk around the corner and into the store and the hair cut is 300 Baht. If you go to Thailand I suggest starting off at 10% of what they are asking for and working your way up to around 30/40%.

  36. Sarah

    Pls investigate a foot massage near the Philippine Embassy (left toward Emporium). It’s not too far from the embassy. I just learned yesterday that they have a “full body massage” on the second floor. My fiance said that the young girl offered him sex upstairs. He refused because of course I was just nearby. Maybe (maybe not) those girls working there are coerced or not, but still you can see that behind the shy smile, these people are greedy & have no decency at all.

  37. Jürgen Scheer

    There is more about the taxis. If you are familiar with the prizes feel free to arrange a prize before you start the trip. Otherwise insist on using the meter. Of course this should be common sense, not only in Bangkok.

    One example. We ordered two taxis to bring us back to the airport. The hotel clerk followed me to our taxi and told the driver to use the meter. I was a little bit surprised because I expected a fixed price would be a better deal but eventually we paid much less than our friends in the other taxi.

  38. Unhappy Buddha

    The Tuk-Tuk / TAT-scam

    Me and my girlfriend just got scammed today in Bangkok. We asked a tuk-tuk-driver to bring us to a shopping mall. He was very friendly and seemed to be trustworthy. Instead of driving us to the mall directly, he insisted to take us to see the “Happy Buddha” and some other temple first (for “good luck”, we wouldn’t have to pay the extra miles). Also, he told us about a tourist agency that was approved by the government (TAT) and would therefore be very safe and cheaper than the normal ones, that would usually rip off western tourists (ironic, I know). So we got there. A very friendly and professional lady called “Ms. Tar” planned a whole three-weeks-trip through Thailand for us, that we payed in cash. After that, we got to a taylor-shop – that was also “approved by the government” – so the tuk-tuk-driver could get a free gas-coupon for bringing us there. Because he was so friendly, we thought that we could do this as a favor for him.
    But while we were driving, my girlfriend started thinking that something’s wrong with this whole thing… We got back to our hotel (after the tayor, where we didn’t even walk in) and googled “TAT” and some other keywords, and directly found some blogs like this one with many people telling more or less the exact same story. So those TAT-agencies really organise trips, but it seems that those are really overpriced and bad. We cancelled the whole thing by e-mail, hoping to get – at least – a little refund.

    We wouldn’t have found out that this is a scam without googling it, but now we know it is. Just be careful with friendly people that warn you from others wanting to rip you off, telling you stuff about “government approved travel agencies” and showing you the “Happy Buddha”. It’s all bullshit.

  39. Paul Lonsdale

    Westerners who have never actually lived in the Far East have no clue how degenerate the idolatrous mind if locals can be. Hundreds of millions of people who worship carved stones, rocks, and sticks get up every day; ask their “god” (which is a demon in every case) to “favor” them; and THEN they meet the clueless Western “Christian” who thinks he is “charitable”. Thai, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and all other Asian and East Asian cultures are no more degenerate than Westerners and, as a percentage, much less so. In fact, many Chinese are far more conservative and honorable than the average sex-crazed, perverted Westerners. However; the key to these Asian cultures is the idolatry. Unlike Western countries, which had a Christian revival that impacted the entire psyche of the nation and all stratas in the culture, Eastern nations have not experienced a national spiritual revival which brought true right living and right thinking to the *majority* of the populace, even if it only lasted a few decades. East Asian and Eastern cultures have been steeped in prostitution, child marriage and rape, pedophilia, and basic theft at all levels of the culture, for thousands of years without improvement. Ignorant tourists who have neve lived and worked in Thailand know nothing of the struggle for survival in these regions; a struggle which is directly proportionate to how much spiritual power from Lucifer and his agents has jurisdiction and reign over the peoples. If you want to avoid scams, sex “shops” and all manner of demonic oppression in your life, when you visit these regions, read the Bible (1611 King James version) every day for fifteen minutes; it will be a weapon of unfathomable power and you will see its influence on those who seek you out to rob you or take advantage of you. I say this because i am an average Caucasian male who went to Shanghai for two years for work; and there were so many opportunities to take advantage of the very poor locals there (especially the beautiful whores in the hair salons) but, it is God who kept me away from losing thousands of dollars of hard-earned money, or worse, while i was there (and when i visited other parts of China and Southeast Asia). Please, take me seriously! Trouble comes to us all but “…. those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” is true and real; and He will protect you wherever you go, if you listen to Him. I am not saying i am perfect; or that i didn’t want, very much, to visit the gorgeous ladies… or that i would never do so but, my point is that God is real and He can preserve those who trust in Him.


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